Member: Dave Forrester, aka Harpic
By Bob PrestonLast Update:- Sunday, September 28th 2008

imageDave Forrester, first golf partner of Bob, introduced most of DON CLub to the game.

Dave earned his nickname "Harpic" by his willingness to put anything in his mouth. In 1995 this included sausages from an ash tray and a block of that blue stuff the put in urinals, hence the name.

He has even dipped garlic bread in his "Bud", the bread was too dry. His lowest moment came in Dungarvan, but I am not putting that here.

Dave received a gift of lessons from his wife and went down to the local pro.  This is what happened. The pro told Dave to warm up by hitting several balls.  As usual they all sliced straight left.  The pro watched Dave hit about 10 balls and the following conversation occured.

Pro: Are you left handed?
Dave: Always!
Pro: I want you to try a right handed club!
Dave: No problem!

(Several balls later, pro looks at Dave with a very sad face and says)

Pro: Yes you are left handed!!

In June 2004 Gary and Dave were playing golf in Rathsallagh, which because Gary was a virtual cripple meant a buggy. They managed to crash it, photo, after the ranger arrived they took his buggy off him and carried on with the round. Now the buggies carry a notice about the danger of death. Dave believes the fact that he was trying to hold Gary in the buggy saved them both. Our hero.

Dave is one of the leaders in the DON Club, however his golf has suffered from a severe case of "shite" for 10 years. 2007 was his best performance, with a WIN on Day 3. He also had the highest points on the par 3's. Dreams of glory are possible.


On the 29th June 2007 in Kilcock, the Aaron Bergin trophy, Dave shot 37 points, won the following playoff against Noel McClean. As a reward he was cut 1 shot.

In Portugal 2008 Dave finally achieved his DON Club ambition by playing very steady over 3 days and winning the DON Club Trophy for the first time.