Member: Lee Cuckson, aka Plastic Paddy
By Bob PrestonLast Update:- Friday, May 27th 2007

imageLee Cuckson, only original English member of the DON Club. Traditionally has been the biggest man in the club.

Lee has always been very fond of his food and drink and he tended to be very overweight. No more, 2007 he was very trim.

Original joint winner in 1994, he also won in 1996 in Donegal and then came from behind on the last day in Spain 2002 shooting 41 points to win.

Along with his drinking partner "Ned Flanders" has drank enough Budwiser to float a ship.

In 2006 Lee got so drunk he;

1. Drove the golf buggy onto tee boxes and greens at Mijas.

2. Got mugged in the 24 Hour Square in Benelamadena.

3. Used the bloody worst chat up line ever heard. (Not repeating it here)

Lee was brilliant in Killarney, he had lost a ton of weight and was moving better than he had in years. He was a dancing queen with his buddy Flanders.