Member: Martin Forrester, aka The Para
By Bob PrestonLast Update:- Friday, May 27th 2007

imageMartin Forrester, the Paraplegic, was the boy in 1994 when we went to Thorpeness and was not allowed drive the car. He now has his own garage.

Son of the Captain, showed promise early on in his career. In Donegal in 1996 managed to arrange a late bar for everybody with very cheap drink. Decided to knock on doors and windows very late and got hit on the head by a glass ashtray for his troubles when he woke up Psycho.

When he was younger he liked to party and go away.

No more! Has become domesticated!  Won't play, won't stay out late and won't come away.

Came to Killarney in 2007 and had a good time.

Martin managed second in the Aaron Bergin Trophy in 2000 and 2001.