Member: Noel McClean, aka Ned Flanders
By Bob PrestonLast Update:- Sunday, Sept 28th 2008

Flanders Noel McClean, will drink Budwiser any time of the day.  Has been known to have it at breakfast. Was supposed to travel in 1994 but his wife would not let him out to play.

Deliberate movement for every shot.  Two practice swings then strikes the ball.  Says he is not slow.

After his victory in 1997 on the first extra hole, he lay on his back on the green and waggled his arms and legs in the air.

In 2001, stood on the first tee box on day 1, first to play and slightly pissed.  Two practice swings and sent his tee shot straight into the car park.  He was followed 2 minutes later by his brother.

That was his last bad shot, led from start to finish.

Noel has Lee as his drinking buddy on the weekends and they tend to indulge themselves. It was the worst ever in Spain 2006 when they could not drive the buggy straight on the golf course. Noel scored 28 points locked. Both of them also got mugged on seperate nights.

In 2007 Noel had a new driver, going to spank the ball out of sight. He was in third place after day 2, only 11 shots back, but had to leave early because of his daughter's 18th birthday. We have to ensure the date of the 21st does not clash as well.

Winner of the DON Club Trophy in 1997 and 2001, both times in Gold Coast. Will we ever go back?

In 2008 we returned to Noel's course Kilcock and he shot 41 points to with the Captain's Prize.