Member: Joe Bergin, aka Don't Wind Me Up
By Bob PrestonLast Update:- Friday, May 27th 2007

Dont Wind Me UpJoe Bergin, first non-related member of the DON Club. Best friend of Martin also in the motor trade. Mad about big motor bikes. and driving fast. Actually overtook the police car that was chasing Bob in 1995 on the way to Ennis.

Has a most unusual address position. when he is hitting the golf ball.

In conversation one night in a noisy pub in Dungarvan was told by a local that we looked like a brick shithouse society.  Some of the group are quite large.

Joe has been a regular since 1995 and has only missed a couple of weekends. He introduced the Captain's Prize in 1997, winning it. In 2000 Joe introduced the Aaron Begin Trophy in honour of his son. He won it in 2004 in Galway Bay.

Captain's Prize 1997

Aaron Bergin Trophy 2004