Member: Tony Dunne, aka Jabba the Hut
By Bob PrestonLast Update:- Saturday, June 15th 2013

JabbaTony Dunne, best golfer in the DON Club. Real sportsman, good at everything. Joined the DON Club through Dave.

Party animal who fancies himself and likes to act it out on the dance floor. Between himself and Mick I am not sure which of them takes hormones.

Has always suffered from a lack of anal retention when we are away and really should bring more shorts. Really let himself go in Gold Coast in 1997 on the last day, the smell was vile.

Organiser for Spain 2006 and Killarney 2007 and he did a brilliant job. Certainly helped Bob concentrate on the golf.

In Ballymascanlon he was solid each day, down the middle, averaged mid 30's. In Galway Bay he was perfect on day 1 and un-catchable after that.

In 2001 he was pipped on the 18th by Gary, after he found Gary's nearly lost ball. He is a good sport. In 2006 he birdied the last hole to tie with Jimmy, alas the playoff in Dublin was a loss.

Tony has been the chief arranger now in the DON Club for years. He has arranged hotels golf courses, gets great deals and also arranges games at weekends particularly in Newbridge.

Tony proved the claim that being able to survive the weekend tends to prove the winning formula. He scored very steady on each course and ended up winning by 3

A Very Worthy winner

Tony has already begun planning 2014, it will be the 20th Anniversary of the DON Club

DON Club Trophy 1999, 2004 and 2013