Member: Gary Owens, aka Sheepshead
By Bob PrestonLast Update:- Friday, May 27th 2007

SheepsheadGary Owens, biggest man in the DON Club. Gary worked with Dave and was supposed to come with us in 1996 to Donegal but had to pullout for business.

He is the John Daly of the DON Club, no half swings here. Had a major back problem in 2004 when it looked like he might have to give up the game. The only sympathy he received was when Dave asked for his electric caddy cart.

Drives the best car in the society, absolutely fabulous BMW . Let his brother drive it, mad idea.

Very good golfer who was brilliant in 2002 and 2003, he won everthing. In 2000 and 2007 he was runner-up.

In 2002 he managed to carry Bob back to the hotel from the 24 hr Square in Benelamadena.

In Ballymascanlon 2003 he had a family wedding in Dublin, so on Friday morning, second day, Tony and Dave got up at 7, after going to bed at 4, and played a round with him. Gary jumped into his car without shoes and drove home. On the way he was stopped by Garda but they never noticed his socks. He went to the wedding then came back up the next day to finish the competition. Winning on the last hole by 1 shot from his buddy Jabba.

In June 2004 Gary and Dave were playing golf in Rathsallagh, which because Gary was a virtual cripple meant a buggy. They managed to crash it, photo, after the ranger arrived they took his buggy off him and carried on with the round. Now the buggies carry a notice about the danger of death.

Aaron Bergin Trophy 2002

Captain's Prize 2002

DON Club Trophy in 2003

Captain's Prize 2003